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Taylor Alexander

Artist & Founder

     One day in 2012 I was doodling with a pen and drew a rabbit wearing sunglasses...with a bowtie. It made me laugh. Quickly, I drew him a date, Ms. Toadette. An amphibious flapper all decked out in pearls, a boa and lipstick. Humanimals was born that day but I didn't know it. 

     I started this company because COVID-19 devastated my live music career and life in Los Angeles. Quickly realizing life wouldn't be the partner, dog and I moved to Cincinnati to be closer to family and recalibrate. Humanimals is a result of that recalibration and one pillar of a pandemic proof future. Thoughtfully fun, hand drawn, pen & ink images combining my love for animals and people. From my weird brain, out of my hands, onto the you! Keep pivoting, keep being curious. 

TA Humanimals Pic2.JPG


"Music is humanity's common language, I could go anywhere in the world, no matter what language they my songs...people there would understand some part of me. I wrote "Bleu" in French to demonstrate that." (see video)


Taylor Alexander Carruthers began writing/performing his songs on acoustic guitar age 16. He became the lead guitarist in his sister's band (Mia Carruthers & the Retros) with their debut Ep reaching #24 on the iTunes Pop charts, featured on MTV's Taking the Stage in 2009. Embarking on a solo career in 2012, Taylor independently released four EP's and three singles. Over 1,500 live performances including a six year stint in Los Angeles.


Notable venues include Spotify NYC, Google LA (x4) and main stage at Denver's Mile High Fest 2018 & 2019, the first public outdoor cannabis festival in the US. Notable shared bills include Trevor Hall, Mia Carruthers, Dylan Dunlap, Tavia, Rebecca Rego, Lil Wayne, Lil' Jon & Bob Marley's band, The Wailers.

On March, 19th 2021 Taylor became the 1st ever live performer on The Nifty Show. Essentially thrusting Alexander into the metaverse/NFT space! Six months later, Taylor partnered with YoshiDrops, a revolutionary NFT music/art project, for a historic 7 song drop. Reshaping the projects drop format. 

In 2022, Taylor began performing on a live audio feature of Twitter called "Spaces." He and a small group of experienced artists started playing "unplugged" into their phones creating unprecedented relationships with listeners. He performed alongside his cyber audio penpals turned IRL (in real life) friends all over the world. Including New York, Boston, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Seattle & Miami. 

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