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Each piece is hand drawn on paper, injecting a dose of humanity into every work. Beginning with your favorite animal and life's passion. Taylor uses exclusively Paper Mate ballpoint & felt tip pens to add an extra challenge. That means no erasing, no redos, no surrender!

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About Our Leather


Every single work is created from scratch, adding the unique challenge of disguising mistakes. It's all about the positive and negative space. Limited edition prints give you a choice between making these a rare OR one-of-a-kind gift! (Custom framing also available)


Millions of pens strokes and ample focused energy leads to pieces taking anywhere from 10-50+ hours to complete. A lifelong artistic pursuit, Taylor adds over 25 years of experience in creating works of art. The delight is in the detail! So be sure to add as many specifics as possible in your quote and prepare to smile!

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